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The Bobby Pillow™
The Bobby Pillow™ or "Battery Operated Boyfriend" pillow is a one of a kind sex toy/sensation pillow that will leave you wanting to cuddle up all the time.

All Bobby Pillows are hand made to order to your color combination from high quality fabrics and materials right here in the USA and is filled with luxurious hypoallergenic down material making it most likely the most comfortable pillow on your bed.
A pillow with a purpose The Bobby Pillow, a pillow "with a purpose".  The Bobby Pillow is not only designed to be a comfortable and designer pillow, but also to accommodate you if you ever find yourself lonely and a bit in the mood in the middle of the night.  Place The Bobby Pillow between your legs or sit atop and turn on The Bobby Pillow with it's hidden and within reach controller to reach that instant orgasm. No need to go digging in a drawer or a secret hiding place, when you want that extra attention, The Bobby Pillow is right there waiting for you.    
Made by a woman, for women The Bobby Pillow was designed and made by a woman for women just like you.  We know how we like it and where we like it.

Tested and proven, every detail from the pillow case down to the placement of the massagers is with you in mind    

Discreet Pleasure

The Bobby Pillow is so discreet that you could put it on your guest bed and let the inlaws stay the weekend and they'd never know it was there.  With various cases and fabrics, this will be the one fancy pillow you WON'T want to take off your bed at night.

Made In America

All Bobby Pillows are hand made right here in the USA with close paid attention to ensure the highest quality of material, fabrics and labor put into each Bobby Pillow. All Bobby Pillows are made with hypoallergenic filler and water resistant inner core.

Interchangeable Covers

Because everyone has different tastes and decor we've made The Bobby Pillow to accommodate interchangeable covers.  Pillow cases are interchangeable and washable with a number of colors, fabrics and designs to pick from.

The Bobby Pillow™ "Vibration Infused Body Pillow" - Your New Favorite Sex Toy

Designed by a woman for women, The Bobby Pillow (Battery Operated Boyfriend Pillow) was designed to accommodate the needs and desires of today's women; sophisticated, sensual and caring, exploring ones sexuality but in a discreet and non invasive way with no stereo types.  The Bobby Pillow allows for just that, a discreet and sensual approach to sleeping while also offering the companionship of a partner when the mood is right by delivering targeted vibrations to the clitoris and pulses to just the right area when hugged and placed between the legs or ridden ontop of.

Controlled with a variable speed controller hidden in the top of the pillow, you can chose a range of pulses from a beating heart type pulse to high paced pleasure and excitement to help you reach an orgasm even faster, all while allowing you to cuddle and hold onto the pillow as if a partner offering a sense of security and contempt.

Made of a water resistant pillow insert for easy care and interchangeable pillow cases to meet your color coordination and likes, The Bobby Pillow coordinates into any bedroom set and to none the wiser no one would know it's true purpose :)

Pick from a variety of crushed panne or velour pillow case colors and ribbon combination's. Quality design, sleep and this pillow with a purpose are all synonymous with The Bobby Pillow, your new discreet and favorite sex toy.  Finally that fancy pillow you WON'T want to take off the bed!


Made in America

Every Bobby Pillow is hand made and sewn right here in America.  Because each Bobby Pillow is unique to it's color scheme and fabric we take pleasure is hand making every one adding a personal touch of satisfaction and quality ensuring that your new decor and cuddle buddy is of the utmost quality.  Every Bobby Pillow comes with a 30 day guarantee from faulty workmanship and  in the event something is wrong we will happily make it right for you.




Taking The Bobby Pillow one step above and beyond, instead of using the typical foam filled or polyester foam filling we pride ourselves in offering The Bobby Pillow with a 100% down alternative fill that is hypoallergenic yet still offers a comfortable cloud like comfort without the suffering of allergies which could distract from sleep.  The Bobby Pillow is not only a personal body pillow for those lonely nights, but is also made to be slept with nightly, cuddled up on and comfortable for each and every night.



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